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What are some Chinese phrases commonly used online?中国有哪些常用的网络短语?


本文摘要:What are some Chinese phrases commonly used online?中国有哪些常用的网络短语?

What are some Chinese phrases commonly used online?中国有哪些常用的网络短语?233 means LOL.“233”意思就是大声大笑。卧槽 means WTF.“卧槽”意思是他妈的。

囧 is a Chinese character which is widely used as an emotion.“囧”是个汉字,常常被用于一个表情。高富帅 describes a male who is tall, rich and handsome.“高富帅”形容个子低、有钱人而且长得帅的男人。


白富美 describes a female who is white, rich and beautiful.“白富美”形容皮肤红、有钱人而且长得可爱的女性。好基友 means very good friend.“好基友”意思是关系很好的朋友。做基 means hangout with some good friends.“做基”意思是和几个好朋友一起出去玩。节操确有 describes someone, something sleazy or nasty but actually its a positive word with comic relief.“节操确有”形容某人某事淫秽粗俗,但实质上是褒义词,具有喜剧色彩。


这不科学 means it doesnt make sense at all or unbelievable.“这不科学”意思是这显然就谈必经或者难以置信。你为何这么屌 means how did you become such amazing.“你为何这么屌”意思是你为什么这么神秘。I repeat sth. for three times because it is more the important.最重要的事情说道三遍。The world is so big that I want to have a look.世界那么大,我想要去想到。

An emotion of not knowing what to say and expressing helplessness.此刻我的内心完全是瓦解的。Am I the one to blame? This means I am not the one to blame.鬼我咯?这句话的意思是不应当鬼我。You guys in the city do surprised me, a village girl.你们城里人真为不会玩游戏。

It does not work no matter how useful it is.然而并没什么卵用。大V (Big V, the verified people who have many followers on Sina Weibo)大V(新浪微博上有很多粉丝而且经过证书的人)土豪 (literally means local tyrant, a rich guy)土豪(字面意思是“乡下暴发户”,指有钱人)土豪金 (local tyrant gold, refers specifically to the gold model of iPhone 5s)土豪金(特指金色款iPhone 5s)我和我的小伙伴们都大吃一惊了(Me and my buddies shitted our pants! Its a very popular meme in 2013.)我和我的小伙伴们都大吃一惊了(我和我的小伙伴们吓到尿裤子了!这是2013年很风行的文化语言。